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08 May 2016

EQYP - Story of Day 2

EQYP is not only about quality in Youth Projects, it’s also about:
E - energetic people
Q - quantifiable fantastic atmosphere
Y - yin yang collaborative relations
P - positive emotions

Today was the second day of the EQYP project. A very productive day, due to the pretty tough schedule (trust us), to the good organization and to the work mood among the participants.

So, let us tell you a few words about today and show you some memorable moments we caught during the activities. Yesterday, together with all the participants, we established a set of non-breakable rules which have to be respected during all the project. One of them is to be punctual. In case you’re late for the sessions, you get punished. Well, it works just like we expected. Today we had a huuuge line of people who were waiting to be punished. But don’t worry, our punishments were creative. Experts in time management would say that it is not reasonable and rational to spend 10 minutes on laughing on people who are dancing like ducks, singing national anthems and so on (these were punishments), but we call it qualitative fun.

But now let’s talk about serious things. In the first part of the day we discussed about key concepts in project management, like: how we can ensure a better internal and external communication, what resources we are using in order to have a qualitative project, who are the key persons in project management, and how we are increasing the impact of our projects, while using World Cafe technique.

Further we had a very interactive discussion, while sharing best practices about the right steps in project management.

In the second part of the day we explored the PMBOK - the Bible of PM. Do you know what’s PMBOK? Well, let us tell you, we’re kind of experts already :) PMBOK is Project Management Body of Knowledge. How cool is that, huh? A treasure for those who want to become Yoda Masters in Project Management.

After enriching our knowledge in project management, we practiced pitching our project ideas in front of the audience. Public speaking is always fun (for those from the audience).

And, as usual, our day ended up with a feedback session, where we discussed all the aspects which were done cool, great, well or can be done even better.

This is how an usual day, but there is no ordinary day, is looking at EQYP project. 4 working days left. And… the best is yet to come.

Authors: District 2 group

Disclaimer. This article was prepared by the participants of EQYP project, co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union. However, this document reflects only the views of the authors.