16 July 2015

Call for 3 Romanian participants: Training Course in Bedeille, France (25.08.-01.09.2015)

GEYC is selecting 3 Romanian participants, to take part in "What's in our plate?" European project that will take place in Bedeille, France from 25.08. to 01.09.2015 The main aim of the training course is to to give tools to our partner organizations and the European youth workers to be able to increase the youngster knowledge about the global food system. Deadline: 26 July 2015 | Apply now!

Please notice that this call is for Romanian participants only. Other application will not be considered.

Deadline: 26 July 2015 | Apply now!

Bedeille at sunset

About the project:
Today capitalism and globalization have reached an extreme point : in every aspect of our life, we have a lot of choices but we don't know how to choose: the less expensive, better quality, no fat, more respectful of the environment, etc. As a consumer, it became a real citizen duty to get correct information and to support a production that is respectful of the environment and the workers rights. Therefore, the youth workers have an important role in raising awareness about “What's in their plate”.
This TC will allow the participants to think on how to find concrete solution to improve their food consuming in their everyday life and their activities with youth people. Doing that, we will increase the awareness of the participants about todays world food issues. What's in your plate? will approach different themes : feeding, different types of agriculture, how to use gardening to raise awareness about locale agriculture, biodiversity, intelligent cooking, etc.

Participative methods will be used. The participants will have to be active and involved in every workshop: we want to encourage them to think, analyze and debate in order to be able to apply what they have learnt in their own activities and project among youth people. They will learn knowledge and know-how passed on during the training. Of course, the everyday life and cultural habits, especially the meals, will be really important time of the training.

Some of the activities will include:

-food habits
-exchange of good practices
-venue of a science teacher to see the scientific point of feeding
-the string game
-Eco Farming discovery and permaculture
-building of an insect house.

Each country group will have to organise a cultural evening, where they will have to present some elements of their culture and cook the meal for the evening.

There is a large, pretty and functional outside kitchen, protected from the rain.

Outside kitchen
 There are dormitories in the house and also a Mongolian tent in the garden.

Mongolian tent
There is a bathroom in the house and shower cabins with hot water in the garden. All of the toilets are dry toilets, promoted for ecological reasons.

Relaxing outside in Bedeille
Available place:
-3 participants with no age limit

Selection criteria:
-personal motivation
-minimum 18 years old
-gender balance
-GEYC volunteers and GEYC Community applicants will have priority to participate

Deadline: 26 July 2015 | Apply now!


  • until 26 July 2015: submitting the application form
  • by  5 August 2015: selection of participants, notifications and confirmations (paying the participation fee - please notice that the participation fee is non-reimbursable) 
    Note: if you won't receive an e-mail by 5 August, it means that we found other suitable candidates for this project. 
  • by 8th of August: arranging the travel details (please be ready to cover your travel costs) feel free to check geyc.ro/flights for the current price level. GEYC will support you throughout the booking process and the reimbursement procedure; 
  • between 25.08.-01.09.2015: the training course takes place.

  • Financial details:
    The organizers will cover the following costs with the support of the European Commission: 
    • 100% of meals, accommodation, activities costs; 
    • Transport cost up to 360 EUR per participant. 
    Participants will be required to cover: 
    • a participation fee covering administrative costs for this project (the fee will be paid in RON, by bank transfer; the fee will be paid after the participants are selected). Please don't pay any fee before you receive the confirmation e-mail): 225 RON (50 EURO) for GEYC Community (please note that for this call we will consider the members that joined the Community before May, 13th, 2015) applicants and  360 RON (80 EUR) for other applicants (GEYC active volunteers are not required to pay the participation fee); The fee is calculated at a fixed exchage rate (EUR=4.5 RON)
    • (if needed) transport cost - only the amount exceeding 360 EUR; 
    • (if needed) medical insurance; 
    • (if needed) any other personal costs.

    Relevant information 
    • In order to start their travel, Romanian participants should own a valid ID card or passport.
    • Arrangements regarding medical insurance are the responsibility of the participants.
    • In order to be reimbursed, Romanian participants should start their travel from Romania.
    • Please make sure you have read and accepted the terms and conditions of GEYC European mobility programs before you apply
    • For more information about the previous projects in Bédeille please click here.
    • A draft schedule can be found below

    If you have any questions feel free to contact us through the Contact form or by Facebook (as a private message). Please mention ”Bedeille project-What's in your plate?” when you contact us.