30 July 2015

5 websites with all the info you need about youth events

As many of you out there, I am always on the lookaout for seminars, conferences, scholarships and youth events. 
That is exactly why I put together this list of 5 websites where you can find out all sorts of useful info regarding youth events happening around Europe and the world.
Read away, courtesy of GEYC.

A portal to help young people fulfil their educational potential, as they gladly describe themselves, Mladiinfo is a useful website for all those out there searching for up to date information regarding everything from articles, scholarships, volunteering opportunities, jobs and internships. 
Definitely worth bookmarking!

As a global educational portal, Edu-active is a website that promotes sharing information and knowledge and getting motivated to become active. It's a portal where students, institutions, teachers, worldwide educators, educational associations, education consultancies, alumni, parents and educational product suppliers can communicate and have easy access to all the resources regarding social learning.

If you want to get all sorts of info about camps, internships, scholarships & grants, conferences and of course, trainings, then you can for sure access this website for brand new opportunities from around the world.

As one of the biggest opportunities discovery platforms, Youth Opportunities provides information to young people to explore and prepare themselves to face the challenges and excel in their career growth. Check it out for all sorts of interesting opportunities within a more global focus. 

If you were thinking of applying for a summer school and you didn't know where to start the search, worry not, cause this website right here provides info about summer schools from all over Europe, divided on fields of study and country of preference. Total time saver, if you ask me. 

Here you have it! 5 websites to get you oversaturated with information about everything that might interest you in the youth field. 
Best of luck with your applications and remember that all of these portals provide email alerts to keep you updated about the upcoming deadlines.