15 May 2014

Getting certified through Erasmus+

Did you know that you can get a Youthpass Certificate every time you train, volunteer or get involved in the Erasmus + programme?

Do you want to know what a Youthpass Certificate is, how can you obtain it and why is it relevant?

Read away!

Getting involved in our own communities has never been easier.
There are numberous NGOs and public institutions that ofer a warm environment for students or youngsters to have one-on-one contact with relevant issues of the society and produce ideas in order to tackle those issues.
This is happening in Romania, where GEYC, as an active member of the NGO community, provides young people, from all over the country, with the possibility of getting involved and producing impact in their own communities. It’s also happening in other parts of Europe, where NGOs have become relevant actors in the social equations.
Getting involved is a fundamental aspect of manifesting your citizenship and letting others know your views and ideas and also a great way to give back to the community.
But in order to do so, you must be sufficiently informed and educated in order to produce change and provide solutions to specific communal problems.
Erasmus + is the European programme that provides you with the possibility to obtain the necessary tools in order to deliver substantial ideas and transform them into concrete change.
Knowledge and information are not the only things can you can obtain through Erasmus+.
Did you know that you can receive a Youthpass Certificate by participating in any approved mobility action?
Did you know that those certificates attest the competences you have gained in that specific project and that they can be valorised in a job application?
A Youthpass Certificate is a tool provided to participants through which they can describe the activities that they participated in and the learning outcome of those activities translated into specific competences.
By registering on Youthpass.eu and providing the details of the project that you participated in, you can reflect on your nonformal learning outcomes, validate your key competences and make them visible in order to increase your employability chances.
Get involved, get certified and make a change in your community!

Check out The Story of Youthpass for more information or ask a GEYC member to guide you through the process!