25 May 2013

Call for Romanian participants to take part at “Sport, youth and nature” youth exchange in Malaga, Spain.

GEYC is selecting three Romanian participants to get involved in “Sport, youth and nature” European youth exchange which will be held in Malaga, Spain, from 19th to 31th of August 2013. 

Please notice that this call is for Romanian participants only. Other applications will not be considered.

Description of the project 
Source: http://www.malagacar.com

“Sport, youth and nature” project gathers 42 participants from 8 countries (Romania, Greece, Hungary, Cyprus, Poland, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Spain) and the activities will be implemented in Malaga, Spain. During the project, sport and nature will be the proper tools for the development of the European Union values, intercultural dialogue and the appreciation of diversity. The activities will include visiting cities like Malaga and Granada, workshops on different themes like intercultural, inter-generational, sports (towards the development of health and sport for all, using conventional and unconventional sports, hiking etc.), visits to monuments and museums representing culture: Albaicin in Granada, Alhambra in Granada, Picasso Museum. There will be activities which require team work. During workshops, participants will develop a greater awareness of the importance of sports in people’s life and respecting the nature. This project will enable participants to demonstrate their countries' culture and also the involvement of youth in sport activities by using presentations and exhibitions. Furthermore, it will make contributions for young people to be open-minded, to respect each other, to discover different cultural and social realities, to provide mutual learning and to strengthen the identity of European Citizenship.

  • until 5th  of June - submitting applications;
  • until 8th of June - selection of participants and notifications;
  • until 15th of June - purchasing travel tickets and submitting participant's individual data (dietary and medical requirements);
  • from 19th to 31th of August - activities take place;
  • until 7th of September  - participants are required to submit three photos and an article to describe the project for GEYC's website to roxana.constantin@geyc.ro;

Selection criteria
  • personal and professional motivation;
  • profile: persons which have sports as a hobby, lovers of nature, dynamic and enthusiastic people;
  • gender ( 2 males, 1 female);
  • age: between 18-25 years old;
  • GEYC Community applicants will have priority to participate;

As this is an European project co-financed by the European Commission through "Youth in action" program, GEYC and the Spanish organizers of this project will be able to cover the following costs:
  • 100% of accommodation;
  • 100% of meals;
  • 100% of activities, excursions, materials and training;
  • 70% of the cheapest transport costs, up to a limit of 400 EUR/person for the total cost. Participants will be required to purchase their own travel tickets and after presenting the needed reimbursement documents (tickets, invoices, boarding passes etc.), they will receive 70% of the total eligible amount;

Participants will be required to cover the following costs:
  • 30% of the travel costs which comply with the requirements and 100% of any other transport costs which don't respect the requirements (taxi, personal transport outside the project activities etc.);
  • a participation fee covering administrative costs for this project (the fee will be paid in RON, by bank transfer at the exchange rate given by the Romanian National Bank (BNR) for the day of payment; the fee will be paid after the participants are selected. Please don't pay any fee before you receive the confirmation e-mail): 15 EUR for GEYC Community applicants and  25 EUR for other applicants;
  •  (if needed) medical insurance;
  • (if needed) any other personal costs;

Important to know
  • In order to enter in Spain, Romanian participants should have at least a valid ID card; 
  • Arranging their personal medical insurance is the responsibility of the participants;
  • All participants are required to take part in all project activities;
  • Only participants who take part in all project activities will be eligible to receive travel costs reimbursement in the amount of 70%;
  • In order to stay within the budget limits and to allow the organizers to offer better meals and to cover activities costs, participants will be accommodated in a pavilion sleeping over mattress or air bed;
  • Romanian group will be in charge of cooking a traditional Romanian breakfast;
  • Romanian group will be in charge of organizing at least one workshop during the project;
  • Officially, the project ends on 1st of September 2013. However, the organizers will allow the Romanian group to leave either on 31st of August, either on 1st of September taking into account the best and cheapest travel connections;

In March 2013 we celebrated GEYC13 Anniversary