13 March 2012

Living together and nonviolence II - European youth exchange

From 29th February to 10th March 2012, GEYC has participated to the European project ”Living together and nonviolence II” organized by Association Solafrika in Erce, France. This project was supported by the European Commission through ”Youth in action” program.

This project aims to promote the concept of living together through nonviolence as an European dimension of tolerance and mutual understanding.
Living together and nonviolence II” is the second edition of an European youth exchange. In 2012, the participating countries were: France, Morocco, Serbia, Estonia and Romania. 
The main topics of this youth exchange were: nonviolent communication, collective life, cooperative games, eco awareness and forum theater.
Each partner country was represented by 5 young people and one leader. The exchange took place in the village of Erce in French Pyrenees region.