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06 September 2011

Possible territories for a sustainable world

From 5th to 7th September 2011, GEYC participates to Encuentros Internacionales de Juventud (KBUNS 2011) in Gijon, Spain. On the round-table of Cabueñes will be raised issues such as environmental and social sustainability, innovation and entrepreneurship in areas of employment, volunteering or new forms of participation and digital democracy. But there will be time for issues such as the way we keep interpersonal relations, education, participation, creative communication and new forms of expression of urban culture.
"Young people contribute significantly to their families, communities and society through their creativity, capacity for innovation, altruism, adaptation to change, energy and optimism, and therefore are relevant actors and strategic partners for development". Guanajuato Declaration, World Youth Conference. Mexico 2010. 

A few months of completing the International Youth Year, the calendar is full of challenges in which young people are unavoidable actors to participate together to transform the current social and economic situation. Young people are agents of change to address solutions to new challenges in today's world that affect them directly, such as the unavoidable environmental issues, innovation and social entrepreneurship as a development strategy, equality of opportunities and solidarity as a network for social cohesion, building participatory citizenship with full recognition of rights. 

GEYC's representative, Monica Burian, was also invited to speak about the environmental best practices in Romania as a first rang speaker in Panel of experience "Possible territories for a sustainable world." Experiences of Socially sustainable cities