05 August 2011

The importance of community in our life

Many people have argued on the importance of community in the life of an individual. Some say the community does not make any difference in a person's life while others believe that the community is a vital part of an individual's life.
The community is crucial in an individual’s life because it increases a person’s standard of living by promoting the social, economic and religious life of a person. Community in the key to physical survival in our environmental predicament and also to human satisfaction. Therefore it will virtually be difficult for one to survive without the community.

Some people will probably disagree with me on the importance of community in an individual's life. Those that refute my argument will claim that many people will be able to survive without the community. This may be because these people have a lot of money to buy whatever they want. But what they fail to realize is that money cannot buy everything needed in life. At a point in their lifetime, these people will discover that they have no friend or anyone to lean on to. This eventually will result in psychological problem leading to depression, which is a serious medical problem. The Community helps in the social, economical and religious growth of an individual.

The ability to work with each other in a community accomplishes a lot of things in the life of an individual. Socially, it enables one to relate and interact in a culturally acceptable way with different people in the society. Patricia E. Calderwood in her book Learning Community : Finding Common Ground in Difference says that” community is not only a cherished notion of close-knit humanity but also a fundamental expression of the cooperative human social activity that ensures our survival.”.

In the end I would say that we have to do only one thing: we have to be a part of a healthy community to become healthy persons.