New Media Ambassadors - NMA


New Media Ambassadors (NMA) is a complex online practical training of 8-12 weeks, based on gamification, aimed at developing participants’ digital skills, PR and social media know-how, intercultural competences, creativity and teamwork. By facilitating the virtual exchange, NMA format supported and promoted the growth of the GEYC Resources Center and PRISMA European Network.

The programme is aligned with the UN Sustainable development goals (SDGs):


Duration: 8-12 weeks, 10h/week, 100% online Weekly basic theoretical inputs and resources A digital “class”
we use social media to gather all the participants in a private digital space
Weekly assignments/tasks
(individual and in teams)
Clear deadlines, focused on "learning by doing", teamwork and interaction
Gamification: Weekly ranking of the results (max 7 points available each week) Weekly constructive feedback: how the tasks are performed
First 4 weeks: eliminatory (inactives won't proceed to the next stages) Real-life program:
challenging the NMAs to share the realities of their communities, to organize offline events (optional), and to engage in on-going raising awareness campaigns that are relevant for them (mandatory);
First 4 weeks tasks: just individual Weeks 5-12 tasks: individual and in teams
Recognition: all graduates receive a completion certificate, top 3 graduates
receive a "Magna cum laude" distinction and an online recommendation


With a graduation rate of 40-50%, you can find below more information about the NMA editions and their graduates.

Ed.8: Jul - Sep 2016

33 graduates

Magna cum laude:
Jasna VEJIC (HR)
Mădălina IFRIM (RO)

Ed.7: May - Jul 2015

28 graduates

Magna cum laude:

Ed.6: Sep - Dec 2014

23 graduates

Magna cum laude:
Winda Dwi MELISA (ID)

Ed.5: May - Aug 2014

26 graduates

Magna cum laude:

Ed.4: Jan - Apr 2014

20 graduates

Magna cum laude:
Roxana ILE (RO)
Ana-Maria LULEA (RO)
Mădălina TOLOȘ (RO)

Ed.3: Sep - Dec 2013

23 graduates

Magna cum laude:
Yasmeen AL-ANI (BE/IQ)

Ed.2: Jul - Aug 2013

7 graduates

Magna cum laude:

Ed.1: May - Jun 2013

10 graduates

Magna cum laude:
Nicoleta SUSANU (RO/IT)





This experience taught me to work independently online and search for new opportunities and resources. This meant prioritizing and using perseverance in achieving the set goals - Mariana, Romania, NMA1
The best thing about the practical stage was the openness delivered by the coaches. It is an exceptionally good thing when a positive reply comes after an idea, especially when you are a little bit afraid of expressing your thoughts - Vanja, Bosnia & Herzegovina, NMA1 & NMA3
I am grateful to my NMA colleagues and coaches for teaching me a lesson of positivity, solidarity, and empathy - Participant, Greece, NMA4
The NMA practical stage is amazingly multicultural. My time-management had definitely raised to a new phase: that in which my creativity developed a sense of initiative and leadership - Participant, Croatia, NMA5
MMA internship with PRISMA EU Network is an excellent opportunity to hone your skills, experience new media tools, a great chance to expand your international network, and a good input for your CV - Participant, Iraq, NMA8
I am an IT student, without a background in PR&Communication, new media, and project management. With NMA, I've learned that there is so much more in technology - Genesis, Philippines, NMA8
NMA made me understand better my role in society, what can I do to improve my local community, and how to use the internet in a more constructive way - Ilinca, Romania, NMA 7