EDYS24 Registrations are now open

EDYS24 Registrations are now open
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Mobility Center

Coordinates our participation in European mobility projects such as youth exchanges, European training programmes, European Solidarity Corps (ESC) - former European Volunteer Service (EVS), networking events, and study visits.
Mobility types
Exchange of experience between young people, 13-30y participating in national groups guided by the group leaders. Powered by:

Programmes (training course, seminar, job shadowing, study visit and contact-making seminar) developing the youth workers' professional competencies. Powered by:

Under the DiscoverEU Inclusion Action, organisations and informal groups of young people can receive support to carry out projects allowing young people with fewer opportunities to participate in DiscoverEU on equal footing with their peers.
DiscoverEU offers young people who are 18 years’ old a chance to have a short-term individual or group experience travelling across Europe by rail or other modes of transport where necessary.
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Accredited projects in the field of youth offer young people a variety of opportunities:
  • strengthen their personal and professional development through non-formal and informal learning mobility activities;
  • foster their empowerment, their active citizenship and participation in democratic life;
  • foster quality development of youth work at local, regional, national, European and international level by building the capacity of organisations active in the youth field and supporting the professional development of youth workers;
  • promote inclusion and diversity, intercultural dialogue and the values of solidarity, equal opportunities and human rights among young people in Europe.
The objectives of the projects can be achieved through the planning and implementation of the following activities:
  • youth exchanges
  • and
  • youth workers professional development activities.
Accredited projects in the field of youth are carried out by organisations holding a valid Erasmus Youth accreditation, such as GEYC. We commit to comply with the Erasmus Youth Quality standards and to deliver high-quality mobility activities in the field of youth.
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Getting involved into a community abroad or in Romania (in country volunteering) for a short term (2-8 weeks) or a long term (2-12 months) through volunteering. Volunteering can be done individually or in teams (10+ people doing volunteering together).
You can volunteer when you are 18-30 years old, or even up to 35 years old for humanitarian actions.
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Our activities

Mobility Center Intranet

Our online platform for participants' preparation before the mobility: culture, logistics, representation and more!
At GEYC, first-timers have priority to take part in youth exchange activities and we share their experiences through this campaign.
Get a sneak peek from our mobilities and get familiar to how things are done.
European Mobility Café
We bring euro-opportunities closer to the young people: technical information + live experiences from their peers.
European Fellowships
Long-term programmes including mobilities, online learning, training courses, and practice in a specific field.
Eurodesk Multipliers
Eurodesk makes information on learning mobility comprehensive and accessible to young people and to those working with them.
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