29 April 2024

EFIVOS Podcasts: Youth-Led Conversations on Sustainability Issues

In today's rapidly evolving world, addressing sustainability challenges has become more crucial than ever. From combating climate change to fostering inclusive urban development, the need for innovative solutions and active community engagement is evident. Recognizing the importance of empowering youth voices in this global conversation, the EFIVOS project launched an initiative to harness the power of podcasts as a platform for dialogue and action.

EFIVOS's initiative, spearheaded by Work Package 7, aimed to empower and engage young people in creating podcasts focused on increasing knowledge and awareness of EU institutions, policies, and democratic procedures. The primary goal was to counter disinformation, enhance democratic participation, and provide a platform for the expression of youth opinions. As part of this endeavor, GEYC recorded two podcasts centered on pressing sustainability issues:

These podcasts served as catalysts for sparking discussions and inspiring action among youth interested in sustainability and community development.

The in-situ events

GEYC organized two in-situ events to present and discuss the podcast episodes, on the 14th of March and 26th of April 2024. In total, 58 young people gathered to engage in lively conversations and exchange ideas. The events aimed to create a relaxed atmosphere conducive to sharing insights, experiences, and innovative approaches related to sustainable urban development.


The events followed a structured methodology designed to foster active engagement and constructive dialogue among participants:

  • Introduction to sustainable urban development: The discussions kicked off with a casual introduction to the concept of sustainable urban development, providing a foundation for deeper exploration.
  • Lessons from the podcasts: Participants delved into key takeaways from the podcast episodes, exploring topics such as EU policies supporting sustainable start-ups and youth empowerment in community building.
  • Community engagement and collaboration: Informal conversations highlighted the significance of engaging diverse stakeholders and fostering collaboration to drive sustainable change.
  • Innovative approaches to urban development: Attendees shared examples of innovative projects and initiatives in their communities, emphasizing sustainability, inclusivity, and creativity in urban planning.
  • Youth empowerment and activism: Enthusiastic discussions centered on the pivotal role of young people in driving positive change through activism, volunteerism, and youth-led initiatives.

Participants brought varying levels of familiarity with sustainable urban development concepts to the table, creating a dynamic and inclusive dialogue. From newcomers eager to learn to seasoned professionals with hands-on experience, the event welcomed diverse perspectives and insights. Urban planning students, professionals, community members, and curious citizens found common ground in their shared passion for sustainability and community empowerment.

Approach and engagement

Participants were approached through community networks, targeting individuals with a keen interest in sustainability and a willingness to contribute to the discussions. This inclusive approach ensured a diverse mix of attendees, ranging from students and urban enthusiasts to local community members eager to make a difference.

The event facilitated meaningful connections and inspired attendees to continue the conversations beyond the confines of the meetup. Practical tips, resources, and tools for implementing sustainable practices in everyday life and community projects were shared, fostering a sense of empowerment and collective action.

The EFIVOS Podcasts events served as a testament to the power of youth-led initiatives in driving positive change and shaping the future of our communities. By providing a platform for dialogue, collaboration, and action, initiatives like this empower young people to become active agents of change in creating more sustainable and inclusive societies. As we look towards the future, let us continue to amplify youth voices and support their efforts in building a brighter, more sustainable tomorrow.