07 March 2024

Exploring sustainable cities: a podcast conversation with Gratian Mihailescu, Urbanize Hub


Recently, we had the privilege of hosting Gratian Mihailescu, the founder of Urbanize Hub, for an enlightening discussion on "Building a more sustainable community for young people." Join us as we delve into key insights and thought-provoking ideas that aim to shape the cities of tomorrow!

The conversation kicks off with an introduction to Gratian Mihailescu and his notable contributions to the field of urban development through Urbanize Hub. We explore the critical question of who holds the responsibility for creating vibrant and thriving cities, emphasizing the collective effort required from various stakeholders.

Throughout the podcast, we examine the pressing need for sustainable cities and the role they play in addressing global challenges such as climate change and urbanization. Gratian emphasized the importance of progress born out of dissatisfaction, urging listeners to advocate for change and actively participate in shaping their communities.

We highlight noteworthy projects that deserve more attention, showcasing innovative approaches to urban development that prioritize sustainability and inclusivity. Gratian shares insights on treating the city as an extension of one's home, fostering a sense of ownership and responsibility among residents.

As the conversation unfolds, we discuss the pivotal role of young people in driving positive change within their communities. Gratian offers practical advice for young activists and advocates, encouraging them to be proactive and engaged citizens.

This podcast was recorded under the framework of the EFIVOS project, an initiative aimed at increasing knowledge and awareness of EU institutions, policies, and democratic procedures. We are grateful for the support provided through project 101081482 — EFIVOS in Europe — CERV-2022-CITIZENS-CIV by the European Commission.

Tune in to our podcast and join the conversation on building sustainable communities for future generations: