17 March 2024

EFIVOS: Youth-Led Conversations on EU issues

In a rapidly changing world, the voices of young people are more important than ever. Recognizing this, a recent event brought together diverse participants for a dynamic discussion on pressing issues facing our societies, from democracy and sustainability to digital education and gender equality.

Central to the event's success was the integral role played by young people themselves. These talented individuals, who had contributed their voices and perspectives through the production of compelling articles, stepped into the role of facilitators with enthusiasm and expertise. Guided by their passion for change and their commitment to meaningful dialogue, these young facilitators led their respective discussion groups, ensuring that every participant's voice was heard and valued.

The discussions spanned a wide array of themes, including:

  • Future of European democracy: Participants explored the challenges and opportunities shaping the future of democratic governance in Europe.
  • Skills development and employability: Insights were shared on how EU programs can empower youth by enhancing their skills and promoting employability.
  • Digital education and gender equality: Discussions focused on promoting digital literacy and combating gender stereotypes in the online sphere.
  • Youth engagement for sustainability: Strategies for empowering youth to advocate for sustainability and participatory democracy in the digital age were examined.

Participants brought a wealth of knowledge and diverse perspectives to the table. While some shared insights based on professional expertise, others offered fresh perspectives informed by personal experiences. The event provided a platform for mutual learning, with participants exchanging ideas, sharing success stories, and reflecting on common challenges.

The event served as a catalyst for action, inspiring participants to continue their engagement beyond the discussion. Collaborative initiatives emerged, with participants expressing a renewed commitment to addressing societal issues in their communities. 

The event was organized under the framework of the CERV project EFIVOS in Europe, WP6 - Production of News Articles.