23 May 2023

The beginning of a new project: EFIVOS in Europe - CERV-2022-CITIZENS-CIV

EFIVOS in Europe - Youth Involvement in the European Democratic Debate through Journalism is a 18 months project implemented by a consortium of 7 organizations (GEYC - Romania, Δίκτυο για τα Δικαιώματα του Παιδιού - Greece, Citizens In Power - Cyprus, Dedalus Cooperativa Sociale - Italy, Crossing Borders - Denmark, Pacto Verde - Spain, Health & Social Development Foundation - Bulgaria). The project aims to provide disadvantaged youth with the tools and the knowledge to acquire a voice in the public political debate and participate fully in the democratic process.

The specific objectives of the project:

  • Increase the knowledge and awareness on EU institutions, policies and democratic procedures
  • Empowering youth to counter disinformation
  • Enhance the democratic participation of disengaged youth through journalism and media

Impact on the youth:

  • Improvement of the digital skills of the young people in the use of digital media.
  • Improvement of their understanding of journalism, media literacy and misinformation
  • Improvement of the professional development aspects of the disadvantaged young people in the media field.
  • Improvement of the social inclusion of young people in the European democratic processes.

The objectives will be achieved through the following activities:

  • seminars, workshops and debates teaching the participants about the EU elections, the EU as an institution, election related topics (eg. climate change, borders etc.), democracy
  • a training on Journalism and Media literacy
  • the creation of online newspaper publications and radio programs leading up to the EU elections, a monthly newspaper and a monthly podcast/ radio show
  • organizing National Debate Days and a National Info Day
  • having an online conference with youth & stakeholders at the end of the project

For the long-term impact of the project, we are aiming at shaping the next decades of policies of the European Union in the image of the people to whom the future belongs to.