20 March 2023

Call for participants- Causeland Ambassadors digital course

In order to promote, develop and enrich the NGO sector among young people, we launch a call for participants for the Causeland Ambassadors digital course, an eight week online practical training for youth that want to create their own NGO.

The 8 modules include the following topics:
  • Module 1: Establishing your NGO + Legally setting up your NGO
  • Module 2: Social Entrepreneurship
  • Module 3: Strategy and planning
  • Module 4: Budget & Reporting, Financing
  • Module 5: Team leadership & Management
  • Module 6: Communication and public relations
  • Module 7: Digital competencies & communication
  • Module 8: Human Resources


Causeland Ambassadors is an innovative gamified training program, based on the successful experience of the New Media Ambassadors program created by GEYC in 2013.

It is created under the framework of the KA2 Erasmus+ project – Get to know the NGO sector - Lead the Change - Causeland. The project is run by a consortium with four participating countries, namely Romania (GEYC), Italy (Tu First), Iceland (North Consulting) and Bulgaria (Bfree and Concepti).

The project aims to develop training materials and guidelines that can be used by organizations in Europe and worldwide to provide their target audience with knowledge about the NGO sector, focusing on soft skills (teamwork, interpersonal and communication skills, time management, etc.) and practical knowledge. This way the employability of the youth will be fostered, and the NGO sector will get more prepared professionals.


Because it depends on you how much time you decide to put in and learn more about the topics. You can earn as much as 8 points per week for the tasks that you complete, and weekly we will publish the ranking. Nothing wrong with a little bit of healthy “competition”! :D

As a participant of this program, you will:
  • Have access to multimedia resources;
  • Have the possibility of networking with other young Europeans;
  • Have the constant feedback of the team of trainers on the completion of the tasks;
  • Receive recognition for your results: all graduates receive a completion certificate and online badge, while the top 3 graduates receive a “magna cum laude” distinction and an online recommendation from the project consortium.

We are looking for you if you are…
  • between 18-35 years old;
  • interested in the NGO sector/ having a plan to open a new NGO and in developing new skills;
  • able to communicate in English both verbally and in writing;
  • able to communicate by e-mail/Facebook* on a daily basis.
  • resident in one of the four countries of the consortium: Bulgaria, Iceland, Italy, Romania.
* Having a Facebook account is mandatory to join this course. If you do not use this social platform you can create an account just to join the Learning Space we set up.


The program will start on May 1st and end on June 30th and will include 1 introductory online meeting on May 3rd, individual and group tasks and other asynchronous learning activities (which will take you approx. 5-10h/week).

APPLY UNTIL April 10th 2023!

Apply HERE