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23 November 2022

Publication | CreativityMeter, a tool to develop, assess and recognize creative skills

CreativityMeter is a tool that aims at developing the creative skills, evaluating the development of creative skills and offering recognition for the creative skills gained through non-formal education. 

The handbook targets various stakeholders from creative industries (NGOs, youth workers and educators, art schools, cultural centres, museums, etc.) and contains:
  • a description of the tool
  • a detailed description of six non-formal education activities (90 mins. each) that foster the six creativity competences (Learning about one’s self, through painting and drawing, Creative Problem Solving, Improvisation and non-verbal communication, Storytelling - expressing one's cultural identity, Self-expression through rhythms, Digital creativity)
  • a self-assessment guidance to each of the 6 competences
  • a step-by-step explanation on how to issue the e-badges
  • ideas on how the tool can be used by multiple stakeholders
  • extra resources

CreativityMeter The tool was created and tested in the frame of The Youth Creative Academy project.  

Published in November 2022 | Check CreativityMeter here