31 August 2022

#TheYouthCreativeAcademy: The Romanian Language Day


The Romanian Language Day (Romanian: Ziua Limbii Române) is celebrated every 31 August. It was innitiated with the goal of promoting reading, comprehension, debate, and proper language usage in order to combat functional illiteracy and enable as many people as possible to use the Romanian language to participate in community life and to advance society.

The Romanian Language Day was founded on the same day as the same celebration known as "Our Language" that was started in the Republic of Moldova in 1990, to emphasize symbolically that the Romanian language is spoken outside of the nation's boundaries as well. 

Numerous cultural and educational activities honoring the Romanian language and literature take place on Romanian Language Day. In addition to diplomatic missions and Romanian cultural institutions abroad, they are held by both governmental and private organizations and institutions. 

Did you know that?
  • The Romanian language is a Romanic language, from the same family as French, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Catalan. 
  • Some 60% of the words in the base vocabulary of the Romanian language come from Latin.
  • Romanian is spoken by approximately 24 million people as their native language and by 4 million people as their second language.
  • Romanian is the official language of Romania and the Republic of Moldova.