01 February 2022

CODEMI - Empowering disadvantaged communities through coding and digital entrepreneurship: Kick-off Meeting

During our kick-off meeting in Tallinn, Estonia (January 31 - February 1, 2022), we reflected on the insights of the first needs assessment each of the partners conducted among possible target groups (migrants, ethnic minorities) and decided on the next steps and the most suitable strategies we can follow so we meet the project objectives. 

The project aims at expanding a network of digital skills schools all around Europe, increasing their impact on the most vulnerable groups in their communities. It addresses the demand for digital skills among the human workforce in the EU labour market and the employability and inclusion of migrants and ethnic minorities in Europe. 

In this framework, we will organize:
- an Online Coding Programme, which will be answering the needs of digital education and coding education amongst young migrants and ethnic minorities. It will be an innovative tool to empower and equip young migrants and minorities with coding, and digital entrepreneurship skills all over Europe. 
- an Online Mentoring Programme, which will support young migrants and ethnic minorities to develop their mentoring and coaching skills and become a mentor of the coding programme for other youngsters, by equipping them with leadership and youth work skills to further empower their communities. 
and create 
- an Impact Report on digital education for ethnic minorities and migrants, as a result of extensive research on the local, national and international levels, which will be disseminated widely, so that more organisations all over Europe can follow the example of our best practices and implement similar programs. 

CODEMI - Empowering disadvantaged communities through coding and digital entrepreneurship is a KA220 Project, co-financed through the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, coordinated by Peace Action Community Estonia MTÜ (Estonia), in partnership with GEYC (Romania), Réseau Solidaire et Participatif (France) and Social Hacker (Greece). 

GEYC was represented at this kick-off hybrid meeting by Diana Ionita, Head of Digital and the coordinator of CODEMI on our behalf, and Alexandra Peca, Head of Democracy and Human Rights.