22 May 2020

SALTO PI Awards- Young Digital Leaders

The Young Digital Leaders project has been short-listed, from over 70 initiatives, to take part in the SALTO PI Awards online ceremony and run for a Media and Information Literacy Award.

The first online edition of SALTO PI Awards debuted with 12 finalists representing amazing initiatives, gathered together with jury members and experts to celebrate youth and innovation.

SALTO PI Awards puts under the spotlight projects on 
🙋🏽Youth Participation, 
👨🏽‍💻 Media and Information Literacy,
🎥 Communication! 

Adelina, YDL's project manager in Romania, has taken part in the award ceremony and presented our initiative to the attendees.
YDL poster provided by SALTO PI

"We are an European initiative aiming to empower young people aged 12-17 through critical thinking, digital citizenship, and media literacy skills, so that they can become tomorrow’s digital leaders. The project was developed in partnership with Google.org and the ISD UK and implemented in Romania, Greece and Bulgaria. 

In 2019 alone we’ve reached, over 100 schools, 10000 students, 500 teachers and 230 parents. 

Our initiative uses a holistic approach. We work with students, inform parents and train teachers, in order to make sure the youngsters are well informed, not susceptible to manipulation and develop their critical thinking to tackle fake news, bullying, biased writing and informational bubbles, skills we can see are so useful in the current context. So, after equipping them with knowledge, we are looking forward to seeing the future digital leaders in action."
Project Manager

Find out more about Young Digital Leaders at geyc.ro/young-digital-leaders