03 June 2019

European Mobility Cafe - May 11th, Iași, Romania

On May 11th, 2019, GEYC organized the 22th edition of the European Mobility Cafe, an info session which this time was organized under the framework of the #thistimeimvoting campaign, Inyous (International Youth Studies) and Youth Workers 2.0 Erasmus+ KA2 projects.

As we all know, there are many reasons why  voting in the European Elections is important. For us, that reason is simple: Erasmus+. Starting from this idea, we have planned an event in Iași, Romania, where we have invited young people and youth workers to share experiences connected to the Erasmus+ program.

The format of the European Mobility Cafe events allows us to create a friendly space where young people can get acquainted, share ideas and experiences  and get in touch with other members of the GEYC Community. Learn more about these events here.

This event was organized under the framework of the InYouS - International Youth Studies: Curricula, Distance learning course and open educational materials (geyc.ro/inyous), Erasmus+, KA2 project and the project Youth Workers 2.0 (geyc.ro/youthworkers2.0), Erasmus+, KA2. Learn more here about the format of the event.

The Project Responsible for InYouS and Youth Workers 2.0, Alexandra Peca, talked to the participants about the objectives of the two projects, while also sharing her experience as a youth worker. 

The objective of the InYouS project is to ameliorate the recognition of youth work and non-formal education through the development of certified “International youth studies” curricula (and organizing a distance-learning course for youth workers) and open educational materials for European Higher Education Institutions. We have found that there is a great need at European level for certified courses aimed at people who want to become youth workers, so this project aims to tackle that need.

“Youth Workers 2.0” project will provide guidance and training for youth workers across Europe on how to use ICT tools and digital methods to better deliver basic skills for youth. This will be done through an integrative approach in collecting, sharing and disseminating innovative and inclusive teaching and learning practices using ICT tools and digital methods.

The digital field is one of the main areas that GEYC has expertise in, so for more details about our initiatives regarding this topic, check out geyc.ro/digital

Alexandra Peca, Project Responsible for Inyous and Youth Workers 2.0

Obviously, being a youth worker means not only to work with young people, but to constantly improve yourself and to learn from other people. That is why here, at GEYC, our team is constantly looking for ways to exchange experiences and good practices with other youth workers from Europe, and one of the best environments to do so are Training Courses.

At the beginning of May, Alexandra and Gabriel, GEYC's General Manager participated in a TC in Romorantin, France (EUth work). The objective is to improve the professional competences of Youth Workers and Organizations on developing Youthwork skills, methods and tools. The project aims also to strengthen the International cooperation, exchange of knowledges, experiences and learnings and the setting up of quality workshops meeting the learning needs of the target youth learners.

The second part of this TC will take place in September in La Réunion, so stay tuned for more updates!

The event was transmitted live on the Facebook page and it reached almost 1000 people, some of which engaged in the discussion and asked questions.

Check out the presentation that our colleague Alexandra has created for this event & the Facebook event for more updates!