21 April 2019

Mr Gabriel BREZOIU - General Manager of GEYC is nominated for a place in the Advisory Council on Youth (Council of Europe)

GEYC and PRISMA European Network are supporting the nomination of Mr Gabriel Brezoiu as a non-compensated member of the Advisory Council on Youth (Council of Europe) for the period 2020-2021. Would you like to support it as well? Learn more about our call and sign the letter bellow.

What is the Advisory Council on Youth (CCJ)? 
The Advisory Council is the non-governmental partner in the co-managed decision-making system used in the Council of Europe youth sector. The European Steering Committee for Youth (CDEJ) is the governmental partner. Together, these two committees make up the Joint Council on Youth (CMJ) which establishes the youth sector's priorities, objectives and budgets. The CMJ works on the basis of consensus: governmental and non-governmental representatives work together to present shared proposals and solutions in a spirit of mutual respect and understanding.

What does being a CCJ member entail? 
As well as taking part in two CCJ meetings and two CMJ meetings per year, which are held back-toback over a period of three days – usually in March in the European Youth Centre in Budapest and in October in the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg – the CCJ members commit to: 
• providing their expertise to inform the work of the Youth Department and different Council of Europe bodies, including intergovernmental steering committees (see below); 
• taking part in activities (trainings, seminars, conferences, etc.) to raise awareness of the Advisory Council’s work and of the co-management system, as well as to input their expertise on specific subjects; 
• applying the Council of Europe’s work and standards to their organisation’s or network’s activities; • giving visibility and multiplying to their organisations, networks, peers, social media, etc. information on the Council of Europe’s work and standards; 
• gathering opinions, information and proposals from their organisations/networks and their target groups, including on the needs of young people and the challenges they face, to inform the youth sector’s work.

I want to bring European policies closer to young people by the power given by social networks and by involving grass roots organisations. Supporting my nomination also gives you the chance to stay connected with the discussions held at European level in case the nomination will get accepted. (Gabriel Brezoiu)

Gabriel BREZOIU's profile (LinkedIn | SALTO Youth)
Priority 1: “Access to rights” 
Expected result 1 “Young people and youth organisations have been supported in accessing their rights and in advocating education for human rights and democracy.”

Key achievements
  • Gabriel was actively involved in the preparation of the "No hate speech movement" campaign of the Council of Europe since 2012. In order to support the campaign, he initiated GEYC Resources Center which offered key multimedia and educational resources for the human rights activists involved;
  • Gabriel led "Balkans without hate" (KA2 Capacity building with Western Balkans) project in Romania;
  • human rights education trainer at national (Romania) and European levels specialized on hate speech online;
  • 2015 - Trainer & organizer for the study session "Young Media Makers for Human Rights - Developing Facilitation Skills for Multipliers on Human Rights Reporting" taking place at the European Youth Center in Strasbourg. The project was organized by the European Youth Press together with the Council of Europe gathering 19 young journalists and activists from 15 different countries across Europe.

Priority 2: Youth participation and youth work 
Expected result 2 “Youth organisations and member states have been supported in the development of youth policy and youth work for the democratic participation and autonomy of young people.”

Key achievements

  • 2018: Gabriel was nominated by Forbes Magazine (Romania) in the prestigious ranking "Forbes 30 under 30" for his results in working with young people and youth organisation as the leader of GEYC Community; 
  • Gabriel is the initiator of GEYC Community, one of the first digital youth work initiatives in Europe presented also at the Culture 4D Conference in Tallinn, Estonia (2016), "Connecting the dots" Symposium in Tallinn, Estonia (2018) and at "Regaining Europe" Conference in Leipzig, Germany (2019). Now, GEYC Community gathers more than 3000 young people, youth workers and teachers from Romania and Moldova;
  • Since 2015, Gabriel works on behalf of GEYC with the European Parliament Office in Romania for the project "Promoters for European Democracy". Every year 30 young representatives of youth organisations are selected and trained to promote European & democratic values and principles in their community, online and offline;
  • youth participation & democracy trainer at national (Romania) and European levels specialized on digital youth participation;
  • Gabriel is the initiator of EDYS - European Digital Youth Summit, a multi-stakeholder platform on the digital youth issues starting in 2014 and being held each 2 years. The 3 editions done so far have been implemented under the European Parliament patronage tackling key issues such as youth unemployment, digital youth participation & hate speech

Priority 3: Inclusive and peaceful societies 
Expected result 3 “Youth workers and youth organisations have been supported in their work on peace- building and social cohesion to prevent and combat discrimination and exclusion.”

Key achievements

Moreover, Gabriel is the initiator of PRISMA European Network and of the EQYP standard of quality in the youth field.

Learn more about the call for representatives in the Advisory Council on Youth.

In March 2013 we celebrated GEYC13 Anniversary