25 July 2018

Volunteer needed for the long-term EVS "Integrational workshop for the Disabled - Support and Assistance", Weingarten, Germany

We are looking for a volunteer for the long-term EVS project "Integrational workshop for the Disabled -Support and Assistance", which will start in September 2018 in Weingarten, Germany, and will last for 12 months.

Volunteer's profile: 
  • Volunteers should want to work with disabled people. They should be open to working with disabled people and people who are excluded from society. Past experience in working with disabled people is helpful.
  • Volunteers should be able to individually design and plan activities. They should also be helpful and be able to work with other team members.
  • We encourage volunteers with special knowledge, skills or interests to make their own projects. 
  • Volunteers should be able to connect with other people. They should also be comfortable in changing situations. 
  • A basic or beginner level of the German language would be helpful for volunteers. An interest in learning German is expected.
  • A Class B driver’s licence is an asset.
  • The institution workers guide the volunteers. So, the volunteers can help organize the support and development programme. Volunteers can use their own skills and ideas, for example: graphic design (designing pictures), handiworks, special computer skills, making music, etc.
  • In the beginning, volunteers will only help the support staff. Volunteers will have a training term with limited responsibility. After this time, volunteers will get more responsibility according to legal liability rules. 
  • We invite volunteers to bring their own ideas. The institution workers invite volunteers to use their personal ideas to develop support activities for the disabled workers. The institution workers help the volunteers to design and integrate into the group situations. They also help with finding and using important materials.
  • Volunteers are also involved in all group activities. For example, these duties could be higher-level nursing duties like: helping people with disabilities to use the toilet or changing incontinence aids (such as diapers). Volunteers might also help residents with everyday activities, such as: making, serving, and cutting food into smaller pieces. Volunteers should also help during meal times if residents cannot eat their meals independently.
  • The workers at the institution are consulted before hiring the volunteers. Volunteers should work approximately 38 hours weekly. If volunteers work overtime (extra hours), they will get additional time off from work.
More details about the project: Click here.

Project dates: 01.09.2018-31.08.2019

Application: Send your CV along with this questionnaire to the addresses Ekkehard.Lippold@stw.de and mobility@geyc.ro as soon an possible!

Costs covered: under Erasmus + rules, accommodation, meal, pocket money, foreign language courses, international transport, mentoring, training, medical insurance, etc. will be covered.

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