28 April 2018

Gabriel Brezoiu - General Manager of GEYC was awarded by Forbes Magazine in the prestigious ranking "Forbes 30 under 30"

26th of April 2018, Bucharest, Romania - Forbes Magazine included our colleague, Gabriel Brezoiu - General Manager of GEYC in the prestigious ranking "Forbes 30 sub 30". At the seventh edition, the Gala awards the most remarkable young people from a wide range of fields, from business, sports and art to music or IT, without limiting it to it. We see this as an outstanding acknowledgement of the impact we have in working with young people and youth organisations all over Europe and beyond.

Starting from the #Forbes30Under30 US #Forbes30sub30 (RO)️ recognizes and brings to the attention of the general public competent, creative and enthusiastic young people. Whether they have decided to stay in the country or to build a future beyond it, we can rely on the fact that they make a valuable contribution to the reputation of the country.

In March 2013 we celebrated GEYC13 Anniversary