22 April 2017

Geo's adventures: On the unknown paths of Malta (II)

Now that our project in Malta is over we can take some time to share with you the last thoughts of our colleague, Geo, returned from the paradise where sun and sea melt together. The first stories are already available here.

Hello again. ^_^
I didn`t forget that I owe you other stories about my last two days in the project in Malta. We enjoyed the lovely weather by starting our day with a nice energizer in a beautiful park close to the hotel. Imagination and well-being made our morning. After that we got to know different patterns and languages that could help us communicate better. We imagined ourselves in different situations and we thought about the best solutions to solve different communication problems. 
Reflection time at the end of the training course

And after the training, guess what? We enjoyed the sea a lot because it was our first summery day in Malta. We had a lot of fun and, of course, we didn’t miss the ice-cream. :D

We ended with a public speaking session that was pretty demanding for me. Each one of us had to prepare a certain topic that we then had to present in front of the others. We already knew each other, but we still got quite nervous. This exercise taught us how to be in harmony with our bodies while speaking in front of an audience, how to use the best key words, how to use the best tone and how to interact with others without giving any hint that we are not confident. On the last day we made a summary of what we had achieved during the project, how we had developed our communication skills and if our expectations had been fulfilled.

Wednesday night was dedicated to a Maltese traditional dinner in the heart of Valletta. The history and traditions of the capital city made our last moments on Maltese soil unforgettable. If by now you still had any doubts about applying for a project, I hope that my story had given you an overview of what an amazing experience a project can offer you and how it can open different ways for you to discover yourself and the world.

Until the next time ...