18 September 2016

EQYP Seminar in Yerevan

After 5 intensive days, full of energy and impact, GEYC team have came back home from Yerevan, Armenia with promising results and future objectives.

From 13th to 18th of September 2016, GEYC and "Education without Boundaries" (both members of PRISMA European Network) have organized "EQYP - European Quality in Youth Projects" Seminar in Yerevan, Armenia. The activity was the second mobility of the EQYP project coordinated by GEYC with the financial support of the European Commission through Erasmus+ programme. 

Starting with discussions about increasing quality in european youth projects and finalizing with a final version of EQYP standard on quality of youth projects, the 15th youth workers and specialists in the youth field who have participated, are ready to launch it and to focus on future initiatives. 

5 days, 15 youth workers and so many results? 

Yes it is possible. 


By providing relevant and qualitative content and interesting activities.

In this sense, they had the chance since their first day in Yerevan to interact with locals about quality and its meaning from their point of you. This activity provided a valuable insight regarding armenian culture and its psychological profile and it contributed to a better understanding of our societies.

All the preliminary conclusions were strenghtened next day, on International Day of Democracy, where participants had the chance to meet with institutional public figures at General Assembly of Republic of Armenia and to discuss with them about main topic of the project.

After this, every NGO representative have interacted with more than 100 principals and students all around the country, with the occasion of European Fair, held in Armenian State Pedagogical University and spread ESOQ results.

After these promising and inspiring meetings, the participants added their input in finalizing EQYP standard on quality of youth projects, which will be at your disposal soon.

Many ideas and experiences were shared throughout the project not only related to quality, but also related to ERASMUS + opportunities for youngsters.

Friendships, partnerships were built and future collaboration and projects will come. So, stay tuned!