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03 July 2016

Who run the world? Girls!

Yes, girls run the world or at least they make the majority of GEYC Team in one of our dear projects that happened in Rudnik, Serbia on the topic of "Sustainable development and youth work". Let's see some of their impressions.

Nowadays a lot of people discuss about environment and how to sustain our life to become aware of the problem, to involve for our future, but in practice is a little bit difficult. Teenagers are more interested in taking part in social life and that’s why a team of four girls represented Romania at the
training course "Sustainable development and youth work" in Serbia, Rudnik between 19-27 May 2016.

The training course  was a really exciting experience. I said exciting because we had done some activities indoor and we had to stay some long hours on chairs, but at the same time the organizers used non-formal activities from which we have learned more things about sustainable development, become more creative, tested our skills.We had learned as much as possible to express and sustain our opinions in front of an audience, to take the initiative and became more open to new challenges

Outdoor activities were fascinated, we cleaned an area called Mija and we were all implicated in cleaning the area or planting trees, having fun at the same time. For us, Melania and Gabriela, it was the first time when we took part in an international team and although we had some fears, we managed to involve and to find out so many things about sustainable development. During nine-days meeting, participants got to know their cultures, local culture, international culture and made new friends, direct or play different roles in short movies. A great time we had when in the cultural night we presented our costumes, traditional food and wonderful places in Romania that should be visited. Alis had a quiz and at the end we rewarded the team who answer many questions with chocolate with rum.

From left to right: Irina, Melania, Gabriela and Alis

We recommend to others to involve in such projects, not only training courses, because they will have only to gain such as: international friends, ideas, fun, games and their perspective of life will change.

This article was wrote by our GEYC Community Representatives Radulescu Maria Melania, Alis-Luciana Petrescu, Placianu Irina Ruxandra, Stefan Elena Gabriela.

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