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EDYS24 Registrations are now open
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27 June 2013

Call for applicants - PR & Communication Responsible at GEYC Resources Center

GEYC is selecting a PR & Communication Responsible for GEYC Resources Center. The responsible will be in charge to coordinate the PR & Communication strategy for GEYC Resources Center (GEYC-RC, http://geyc.ro/resources) in order to increase its visibility, to make it more popular through social networks and to engage a larger audience. 

The deadline for submitting the application form is 05/08/2013.

Job title: PR & Communication Responsible
Project title: GEYC Resources Center
Type of job: internship (unpaid) 
Duration: 01/09/2013 - 28/02/2014 (6 months) 
Expected involvement: about 20 hours / week
Schedule: flexible, mostly working online 
Location: anywhere, a permanent Internet connection is required 

The responsible will be in charge to coordinate the PR & Communication strategy for GEYC Resources Center (GEYC-RC, http://geyc.ro/resources) in order to increase its visibility, to make it more popular through social networks and to engage a larger audience.

The context

GEYC Resources center offers a wide variety of online free tools about multimedia and social media topics aimed to help both individuals and organizations in their work. Our center is aimed to support "Young People Combating Hate Speech On-line" campaign of Council of Europe.

Job description

Qualifications and skills needed:
Must have:
- Creativity; 
- Sense of initiative, planning capacity and skills to put ideas into action; 
- Leadership skills; 
- Ability to fluently communicate in English (both spoken and written); 
- Ability to work in a multicultural team; 
- Strong skills of time management and organization; 
- Capacity of using Microsoft Office at a professional level; 
- Higher education experience (at least undergraduate); 

Nice to have (will be considered an advantage, not an eligibility criteria):
- Experience in working with social media (especially Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin), with Google Drive products and/or Blogger platform; 
- Ability to communicate in French or Spanish (both spoken and written); 
- Ability to communicate in any other languages; 
- Previous experience in PR & Communication departments at local, national, European or international levels (working with media, organizing PR events etc.); 
- Previous experience in NGOs; 
- Studies in one of the following fields: PR & Communication, International relations, European studies, Business Management, Economics, Psychology, Sociology, Marketing etc.; 
- A priority will be given to applicants of 20-30 years old; 
- A priority will be given to European Union applicants; 

• coordinating New Media Ambassadors (NMA) team regarding promotional activities of GEYC Resources Center; 
• coordinating a Facebook page for GEYC Resources Center; 
• planning, developing and implementing PR strategies; 
• liaising with colleagues and key spokespeople; 
• liaising with and answering enquiries from media, individuals and other organisations, often via telephone and email; • researching, writing and distributing press releases to targeted media; 
• collating and analysing media coverage; 
• writing and editing case studies, speeches, articles and periodical reports; 
• preparing and supervising the production of publicity brochures, handouts, direct mail leaflets, promotional videos, photographs, films and multimedia products; 
• devising and coordinating photo opportunities; 
• representing and promoting GEYC Resources Center in various projects and events; 
• maintaining and updating information on the website (http://resources.geyc.ro/); 
• sourcing and managing speaking and sponsorship opportunities; 
• fostering community relations through events such as open days and through involvement in community initiatives; 
• participating to Skype meetings with the Program manager and/or the Program team each 1 or 2 weeks; 
• managing the PR aspect of a potential crisis situation. 

Reporting to: Program manager 
Functional relations:
- GEYC: PR Responsible, External Affairs Responsible, HR Responsible, Project Managers;
- GEYC – RC: Program team, New Media Ambassadors;


All applications have to be submitted by e-mail to office(at)geyc.ro until the deadline expires.
Subject: [GEYC-RC] - Application - PR
The following 3 documents (pdf format is prefered) have to be attached to the application e-mail:
  • A recently updated CV (clearly specifying the qualifications and skills of the candidate that match the job description);
  • A motivation letter (please tell us why would you like to be selected, why you are the most suitable candidate and how do you think it could boost your personal and professional life);
  • A PR&Communication strategy proposal (please use this sample, but feel free to adapt it to your ideas);


  • until 05/08/2013: application submission;
  • until 15/08/2013: applications evaluation;
  • 10-20.08.2013: (optional) Skype interview;
  • until 31/08/2013: contract agreement and photo submission (600X400 px) for the website;
  • 01/09/2013 - 28/02/2014: practical stage;
  • 1-15/12/2013: mid term evaluation;
  • 1-15/03/2013: final evaluation;
  • 16-31/03/2013: submission of recommendation from GEYC;


  • getting/ improving their communication, social media, multimedia skills;
  • working in an intercultural team, sharing experiences and working together with GEYC-RC team and New Media Ambassadors, networking;
  • time/location flexibility (everybody can work from home as long as they dispose an Internet connection and they are able to speak in English);
  • the title of "PR & Communication Responsible" could be a great asset for their CV; 
  • signing a volunteering contract which will be a great asset for their personal portfolio;
  • getting a recommendation to enhance the practical training according to the main achievements in order to facilitate the future employment of the volunteer;
  • being presented on our website;


If you need any further details, please contact us through our Faceebook page. Please specify in your message that you intend to apply for PR & Communication Responsible internship at GEYC Resources Center.