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18 May 2017

YE: „Young Euro People” - Cagliari, Italia

This Youth Exchange for more than half of us, was a real journey in Italian culture. Four of us had the chance to visit four italian cities (Bergamo, Cagliari, Rome/Florence and Pisa), so we can say indeed that it was the journey of our lives!

21 December 2016

Roma Young People workshop on political participation

On 18-20 December, GEYC participated at the Workshop on political participation organized by the Forum of European Roma Young People (FERYP) in Strasbourg, France.

27 April 2016

“Stop feeling sorry, start acting” training course in Vidrike, Estonia

Do you want to find out more about youth exchanges and the amazing stories behind them? Well, Alexandra is sharing with you her amazing experience from “Stop feeling sorry, start acting” training course that took place in Vidrike, Estonia between 10-20 April 2016. 

23 September 2015

Symposium on youth participation in a digitalised world

For 3 days – 14-16 September 2015 the opportunity of joining the Symposium on Youth Participation in a Digitalized World organized by the EU-CoE youth partnership at the European Youth Centre Budapest has been offered to me and I must confess, that it was an amazing event, that made me realize how strong the connection between youth workers, policy makers and researchers must be, so that the results of future programmes to come up to the needs of young people. 

24 April 2015

Alexandra Corbu: Poveștile din spatele poveștilor sau cum perseverența te duce mai departe!

Dacă pe Alexandra o veți vedea la unul dintre evenimentele GEYC, cel mai probabil va fi în spatele unui aparat DSLR. La câteva minute după, o veți vedea calmă, neperturbată de zgomotul infernal din sală (uneori metodele non-formale fac ca activitățile să devină foarte zgomotoase) stând pe Facebook. Da, ați citit bine: stând pe Facebook! (actualizând paginile evenimentelor, postând fotografii, răspunzând reacțiilor vizitatorilor canalelor noastre de comunicare). Alexandra este Marketing Communications Responsible în cadrul GEYC de câteva luni, iar astăzi vă spunem povestea ei. Povestea din spatele poveștii.

19 June 2014

Twitter wall: #BeSMARTER14

Want to get updated with everything is happening in SMARTER project? Follow our "#BeSMARTER14" hashtag on Facebook and Twitter and share with us your ideas and reactions! Be social, be smarter!

03 May 2014

Annual Report/ Raport anual GEYC 2013

GEYC is proudly presenting our annual report for 2013 including the major achievements, partners and cooperation we had. We believe that being transparent towards the community should be one of the very basic principles of each sustainable and reliable organisation.

GEYC are plăcerea de a vă prezenta raportul de activitate pentru anul 2013 cuprinzând aici cele mai importante realizări, partenerii care ne-au fost alături și cooperările pe care le-am avut. Credem că a fi transparent față de comunitate ar trebui să fie unul dintre principiile de bază ale oricărei organizații sustenabile și de încredere. 

16 February 2014

Call for Romanian participants: “From the Bin To the Gallery” youth exchange in Greece

GEYC is selecting 4 Romanian participants to take part in the "From the Bin To the Gallery" European project that will take place near Serres, north of Greece, from 30th of April till 7th of May 2014. This is a youth exchange project aimed to raise awareness regarding the artistic use of recycled materials.

15 February 2014

Call for Romanian participants: "Babylon Reinvented: How to Approach ICL", Kharkhiv, Ukraine

GEYC is selecting 2 Romanian participants to attend "Babylon Reinvented: How to Approach ICL" - a European training course held in Kharkhiv, Ukraine from 23rd till 30th June 2014.

21 January 2014

Keep informed with European opportunities!

Various European programs offer us the chance to work on different fields, to learn, to study, to get practical experience or to share our practices. GEYC prepared a list a tools where you could get informed!

13 September 2013

Call for European partners: ECO ECHO youth exchange in Bucharest, Romania

GEYC is launching a call for European partners for ECO ECHO, a "Youth in action" youth exchange (1.1) which will be held from 7th to 14th of May 2014 in Bucharest, Romania.

02 September 2013

Call for Romanian participants for a training course on active participation of young people - Finland

GEYC is searching 3 Romanian participants to take part in ”PRAXIS - Giving young people the opportunity”, a training course organized in the frame of ”Youth in action” program from 25th of November until 1st of December 2013 in Konnevesi, Finland.

16 August 2013

Call for British participants - SMYLE project in Romania

S.M.Y.L.E. – Social Media & Youth - Learning for Employment project is a ”Youth in action” youth exchange (1.1) organized by GEYC in Bucharest, Romania, between 6-14 October 2013. 

08 July 2013

International School of Young Politicians - ISYP

From 3rd to 8th of July 2013, GEYC participated to International School of Young Politicians organized by AGAT with the financial support of Azerbaijan Youth Foundation under the president of Azerbaijan Republic in Baku, Azerbaijan.

The event gathered participants from 10 countries: Azerbaijan, Romania, France, Germany, Poland, Italy, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Ukraine, Georgia and Turkey in order to exchange ideas, to find out more about the situation in their country and to work on future initiatives.

In March 2013 we celebrated GEYC13 Anniversary