International Cooperation Center

International Cooperation Center
Includes GEYC's activities in the field of networking, structured dialogue, and policy-making in the youth field.

Our directions

Establishing long term cooperation with organizations that share the same values and working standards.

Structured dialogue
Engaging youth in structured dialogue processes with relevant policy-makers such as the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the Council of Europe.

Challenging the status quo by creating new standards, policies, platforms and approaches in the youth field, by involving the relevant stakeholders.

Our activities

EQYP (European Quality in Youth Projects) was designed as a way to set up quality standards in 5 pillars: project management, PR&Communications, financial planning, partnerships, and nonformal education.
➤ in 2016, PRISMA European Network adopted EQYP

EDYS is a bi-annual event initiated in 2014 under the High Patronage of the European Parliament that brings around 100 participants representing all relevant categories and discussing current issues for the digital youth.

PRISMA European Network gathers organizations active in the youth field in the European area and the neighboring countries aiming to raise the quality of their work and to make use of the digital tools.

aims to support the European course of the Republic of Moldova by supporting key stakeholders and developing soft, hard and transverse skills for young people, NGOs and public authorities.

In March 2013 we celebrated GEYC13 Anniversary