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Volunteers wanted - EVS "Meeting of generations", Ankara, Turkey

We are looking for volunteers for the short-term EVS project "Meeting of generations", which will start in January 2019 in Ankara, Turkey, and will have 6 rounds, each lasting 2 months.


  • Participate in the office work;
  • Help in CafeDOWN;
  • Attend workshops in Saray Center;
  • Prepare videos and articles;
  • Attend turkish lessons.
Project dates:

The volunteers can choose from 6 rounds, each lasting 2 months:
  1. 10th of January 2019– 10th of March 2019
  2. 11th of March - 9th of May 2019
  3. 10th of May 2019 - 8th of July 2019
  4. 9th of July 2019 - 6th of September 2019
  5. 7th of September 2019 - 5th of November 2019
  6. 6th of November 2019 - 31st of December 2019
Practical information:

  • The volunteers will live in apartment sharing room with other volunteers from the same gender. The apartment is in safe neighborhood and in communicative place. It is also close to working area. S&G will cover the travel cost to our office and to the working places if needed.
  • The apartment is equipped with Wi-Fi connection, washing machine, fridge, iron, etc. There are also pillows, quilts, blankets and bed sheets and all equipment’s for cooking.
  • Volunteers coming for short term EVS (2 months) do not have to obtain visa before they arrive in Turkey.
  • The Sending organization will register the volunteer into insurance database: CIGNA.
The volunteers will receive:
  • Food money - €120/month in turkish currency;
  • Pocket money - €80/month in turkish currency.

More details: click here.

Application: Send your CV and motivational letter to e-mail: (CC: with the subject EVS Meeting of Generations 2018.

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